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Just for Fun! “Baseball-Wiki”

Here’s something that might be fun. I have created a “wiki”. Yes, I am utilizing some more technology (that I would also love to introduce to you). I request that we learn a bit about fellow bloggers. Go to the “Baseball-Wiki” ( and leave your first name, state, and level of games that you work (or are associated with). Coaches are welcome as some of our best umpires were coaches and vice versa. Click on “Edit This Page” and just type your information in the document. You must click “SAVE” near the very bottom of the page for your information to be published with the rest. Please do not “EDIT” the page for more than is necessary. Click save and then read! Thank you! Anyone can edit this page, so don’t mess with anything else or I will tell umpire war stories about you in “the Baseball Wiki”. Wiki fun!  Ayuh!

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